About Me

Hello, my name is Francesca, and I’m the creator behind Francesca’s Finds!

This blog provides passionate reviews surrounding beauty and skincare products with sprinkles of lifestyle – so look no further for your beauty and lifestyle dilemmas!

I am a 21 year old English Literature graduate, who loves coffee. I have always wanted to be a blogger, and so as I finished my time at University, I just decided to go for it! I have a bit of an addiction to shopping and testing out new products, so as you can imagine I love what I blog about! 😊

To know a little bit more about me I also have two cats, named Mimi and Gizmo that I love so much, (they are pictured below!) 💖

I am so appreciative that you have found Francesca’s Finds and I hope you enjoy reading all my reviews!

Lots of love, Francesca xx

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