My 2022 Mood Board & Visions🌈⚡️

Hey everyone! Long time, no talk I know so I wanted to upload another blog post, catch up with you ahead of the new year to chat through life updates and my 2022 vision board! I know this is coming to you a little late, but better late than never😋

My 2021 Successes:

This past year I have successfully bagged a graduate job in the field of PR and Social Media, I love it so much and allows me to learn so many useful skills that go hand in hand with Instagram account and WordPress blog! ☺️

Another big success for me was hitting 5,000 followers on Instagram after only starting up my account in October 2021! I am so keen to keep growing my page, connecting with other amazing content creators out there and to see where it takes me.

Self-love has been something I have really pushed on as well, taking more time for myself and putting myself over others in certain situations, as previously I would hold back and do a lot for others, which obviously is a nice trait but being independent and having your own life without needing others is key (in my eyes anyway).

I would love to know in the comments some of your success this past year 💗


Before the beginning of a new year, I love to sit down and create a vision board as a positive way of setting myself goals and targets. Although, mine looks very aesthetic, the images chosen have meanings of how I want to lead my 2022. I encourage you all to create your own mood boards!

Let me know what you think!

I wish you all a very happy new year, and for us all to chase our dreams and make 2022 the best year we can🥰

Fran x

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