🌞Avène B-protect SPF review!🌞

Hello everyone, thanks for joining me for another blog post. This week I have written a SPF product review, which I am excited to share, especially as Summer is fast approaching and making sure to include SPF in your skincare and makeup routine this summer is SO vital!!

I hope everyone is keeping well – I have been slightly less active this week whilst balancing a new working schedule, so I will be catching up blog posts. I would also love any recommendations of any beauty, lifestyle or fashion blogs to follow, so please let me know of any down below!

On the Look Fantastic website this product is overviewed as to be, “formulated for sensitive skin, this 3‐in‐1 facial skincare hero provides anti‐UV and anti‐pollution protection with light tinted coverage. Offering High protection SPF50, the facial sunscreen is packed with antioxidants to help protect against environmental aggressors, along with UV exposure.” As you can imagine, this statement had already pretty much sold me, high sun factor, made for sensitive skin and packed with antioxidants is exactly what I am looking for in a SPF.


  • I really enjoy the packaging of this product, not only is the colour really pretty, but it is really easy to take around with you
  • Secure screw lid
  • Product easily comes out when pressure is applied


  • This SPF has a thicker consistency compared to other SPF products I have tried, which means I do tend to find it is a little harder to rub around into my skin, but it absorbs fast and isn’t inconvenient to apply
  • The product comes out white in colour, but then it actually blends into your skin tone, giving you a little bit of coverage, just like a BB cream would do
  • I really enjoy the coverage it gives, as it just makes my skin tone look more even, and especially makeup-free days, that is just what you want
  • It is lightweight and non-greasy
  • It also leaves your skin with a really natural, gorgeous glow
  • You get a great amount of product for the price too
  • I enjoy wearing this SPF as it acts as a really nice primer underneath makeup

Overall, I think this is a really nice SPF product. Fairly inexpensive, I think I paid below £18, and that was when the product was on offer. It gives your skin a gorgeous glow, and it has such high factor that you could take this anywhere!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post! What is your favourite SPF?

See you next Monday, Francesca x

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