Maybelline Colorstrike Eyeshadow Review!🌸

Hello everyone, happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I am currently away for my birthday, I am celebrating my 22nd birthday on the 22nd May🥳 I’ve already had the loveliest time!

Today I am writing a review on Maybelline’s Colorstrike eyeshadow pen, which was a product on my makeup wish list from earlier this year. I have mixed opinions on this products so let’s see what I thought…

The idea behind these eyeshadow sticks is that it is supposed to be a simple eyeshadow applicator that’s held within a barrel, and is filled with eyeshadow. The tip of the applicator will come out of the barrel, saturated with colour, and if you need more product you can just dip it right in. Sounds good and looks good, I agree with that.


  • Initially, I thought this packaging was fun and rather unique
  • It is convenient and is a nice and easy way to swipe eyeshadow over your lid, blend and go
  • The packaging design also makes it super travel-friendly, which is always a bonus
  • However, it is sadly the packaging design and the way the eyeshadow flows through the barrel that holds me back from absolutely loving this product
  • It does not allow much product at all to be applied onto the applicator, even after shaking the product and dipping the applicator in and out of the barrel not much at all comes out, which is a big shame


  • Despite not being able to get much product on the applicator, you can still tell that the formula is really lovely and pigmented but again the packaging holds it back from it’s full potential
  • It is just difficult to get the product out of the barrel and onto the lid
  • The first few times of using this product, I really enjoyed it and it worked better but now it has seemed to have gotten a little drier
  • It does last a good few hours, but because of my oilier eyelids, it doesn’t help this eyeshadow stick very well
  • I agree, there is definitely no fall out and it does not crease on my eyelid

It was rather hard to get a swatch of this product due to the reasons above, so I hope you can see this lovely colour, as in person it is a lot more noticeable!

Final Thoughts:

  • It actually is rather sad as I know I would love this product a lot more if it worked properly and holds me back from purchasing another one
  • If it worked flawlessly, it would be so convenient and easy to use, if you were in a rush or just wanted a simple eyeshadow look this product and colour would be perfect
  • I am a rose gold lover, so this colour is so gorgeous

Thank you for joining me again for another blog post, as always I hope you enjoyed it!

If there are any styles of blog posts that you would like to see, let me know down below!

See you again next Monday, Fran xx

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