A Comparison Review of Three Brow Gels: Would I repurchase?✨

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome back to another blog post.

For this weeks blog post, I have written a comparison review on three different brow gel products. At the moment, brows are trending as a hot topic that people are talking about, and as we all prepare our outfits and cute accessories for summer, we equally need our makeup and especially our brow game to be bulletproof.

So let’s get into the review and would I repurchase these products again or not?

L’Orèal Plump & Set Brow Artist

I LOVE this product! This has been a personal favourite for a while now, a staple in my makeup bag, so I had to include this product. I remember gambling with what shade to pick up, and I ended up going for the shade Light Brown from memory (I may be wrong, the label has rubbed off), and it was actually the perfect colour, (don’t you feel great when that happens lol!) This brow product applies so well, I particularly like how this subtly adds fibres to your brow, helping them to look more full and defined. Whenever I use this gel, I don’t feel like I need additional brow pencils so that’s another bonus!

The brush is a great size and easily grabs my brow hairs. The only thing I would say about this product is that sometimes a lot of product comes out on the wand, so I usually scrape some off on the side of the top, but that is minor.

Would I repurchase this product? Yes!

florence by mills Brow Gel – Clear

Firstly, I adore the packaging of this brow gel, the lavender colour is so pretty! When I first used this product, I was confused at the packaging as I expected the larger end to be the brush, but it wasn’t, it was the smaller end (if that makes sense). The brush is different to others, it is a lot thinner, but I still enjoy using it. The micro-fine brush is designed to catch and coat every hair, which I do agree with. I do find this gel product more watery than the other two.

However, I don’t find that this product holds my brows in place as good as the other two products and for that reason I don’t think I will repurchase just so I can have a play with other brow gels.

SAINT LUXE Brow Gel – Clear

This product really surprised me, it held my brows down so perfectly, and helped them to look almost like a soap brow for hours on end! I like the simplistic black packaging and the petite size, as it’s just much easier to travel with (when we can!) I have never seen this particular brand before, so I was intrigued to try and it did not disappoint.

I also enjoy the brush of this product, it is smaller but because it is a little thicker, I find it grabs my hairs more and makes them look more full without it having any colour to the product. I really recommend this brow gel and I would repurchase, however, there are so many products out there, that I would rather have a search for some different gels to try.

Here is a photo of all the brushes…

So there were my thoughts on those three brow gel products, it was particularly interesting to compare them all, as I haven’t really delved into brow gels before as in the past I had always reached for brow pencils instead. However, for quickness I love a brow gel, and although I may not repurchase one of these products, I have enjoyed using them all.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog post, any comments and support means the world to me! Let me know what you thought of this post!

Have a great week and see you again next Monday, Love Fran xx

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