March Favourites + Update

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well!

Now, I know I am a week late posting this but I still wanted to share favourites from last month. This will be a new style of post that I will do every month, where I will share some of the things and items that I have been loving! Let me know down below if this is a style of blog post you would enjoy?

I think it will be nice to have monthly overviews, as that way I can also keep you all updated about things that happen in my life. Anyway, let’s get into it…

Going back to work:

As of April 12th, retail will be back open which means I will be going back to my part-time job until I can go full-time with my other job. I have been feeling stressed about it, as I worry that it will give me less time for my blog and writing articles for the lovely Bloom Magazine. However, I know I am not the only one in this boat, and I am sure I will figure out a routine that allows me to balance everything and get it all done. I think the best thing to do is take each day at a time, and think positively!

Re-organising my room:

I was feeling slightly unmotivated with my room recently, so typically as a gemini would, I changed it around! I am so happy with it now, and felt like it was the slight change I needed. Not only now do I have better use of the light to take photos with, but my room feels a lot more airy, perfect for summer.

Here are some photos…

Makeup Fave:

Of course, I had to include a product or two that I have been loving. So for the makeup item, I chose this Dr.PawPaw multipurpose balm. I have been really enjoying wearing it as a cream blush, it blends beautifully and leaves you with a gorgeous natural flush of pink over your cheeks. It is also cruelty-free and fragrance free, so it’s a great all round product!

Skincare Fave:

This is a product you ALL need!! It’s the Revolution Skincare CBD Nourishing Essence Spray. I use it either before applying makeup or after applying my foundation, as it gives your skin a beautiful dewy glow. It is so affordable, looks so pretty and smells so refreshing. This will be great for on holiday… yes I am counting down the days!!


I LOVE me a magazine. A few of my faves are, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour. I love flicking through all of the beautiful photos and editorials, gives me so much inspo!!

So, there were last month’s favourites! I hope you have enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed reflecting on last month and writing this different style of post.

Join me again next Monday for another blog post,

Love, Fran x

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  1. I love your room, and its green outlook. A super retreat for you when you’re not at work –
    Good luck with balancing it all; it’s by pushing ourselves that we sometimes realise how much more we can do than we’d thought! Fingers crossed you can find a balance xx

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