NARS Longwear Natural Radiant Foundation…Is It Worth the Hype?

Hello everyone, welcome back to another blog post!

This week I am reviewing the infamous Nars Longwear Natural Radiant foundation. I have had my eye on this foundation for a while now, so when I finally decided to buy it, I was so excited! On a daily basis I love a minimal look and prefer to reach for lighter foundations. I wanted to try a new foundation that wasn’t as heavy as my previous foundations, and after reading and hearing numerous positive reviews, I decided it was time to test it out.

NARS describes this product as a unique lightweight foundation that provides 16-hours of fade-resistant wear with additional radiance… this is a big statement to live up to! 😅

From their website, “Introducing NARS’ first 16-hour foundation that stays turned on by the power of radiance. Untraceable. Unstoppable. Unlike anything else. Longwear is finally lightweight—and radiant. High coverage is now super natural. Its breathable, fade-resistant formula is infused with Raspberry, Apple, and Watermelon extracts to help smooth and improve the look of your skin instantly, and over time for full-powered radiance.” As you can imagine, this was tempting enough for me to pick it up, so let’s see what I thought…


  • This foundation is packaged in a heavy glass bottle, which makes it feel and look expensive
  • It also has a pump application, which I personally prefer as it allows you to pump an appropriate amount out

I picked up the shade named Gobi Light 3. I have fair-skin, so I gambled with selecting this shade as I purchased online and it matches my complexion perfectly! (Little hack here, I used the website ‘’ to match my previous foundation colour to this NARS one).

Here is what the shade looks like…


  • The foundation applies really beautifully, it doesn’t feel cake-y and blends really well
  • It is definitely more of a lighter and watery consistency than what I am used to, but it is much lighter to wear, to the point that it doesn’t feel like I am wearing foundation.
  • I usually use a brush for my foundation, however, for this foundation I much prefer to bounce it in using a beauty sponge, as I feel it makes it look more natural and a better finish
  • I like that has a buildable coverage, as you can either have a sheer wash of foundation, or you can apply more layers for a fuller coverage
  • As it is rich in fruit extracts such as, raspberry, apple, and watermelon, it helps to improve the skin’s texture, which is something I definitely noticed and liked
  • This foundation leaves your skin with a gorgeous radiant glow all day long
  • I do believe that this foundation lasts for a great amount of time, but if I were to wear this for a night out or a long day, I would for sure have to prep and prime my skin to help it say for a longer period

Here is how it looks on my skin with a light layer…


  • Buildable coverage
  • Lovely packaging
  • Easy to travel with


  • It is a little pricier to what I usually pay for foundation, this is priced at £37, but I actually got it on offer so it was a little cheaper
  • Because of the glass packaging, I am slightly anxious of accidentally dropping it and it smashing everywhere, as it is a larger foundation bottle to my previous – but I think I have that worry because I am very clumsy! 🤣

So overall, I LOVE this foundation, I am so glad I bought it to try. It is the perfect foundation for summer as it is light but so buildable! Honestly, if you were thinking of trying a NARS foundation, I say to go for it!!

Thank you for joining me again to read this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it! I have a few more hyped/trending product reviews coming your way within the next month or so, which I am really excited about. Additionally, I have another exciting blog post in the works which isn’t my usual style, but I think you will really enjoy it!

See you next Monday,

Lots of love xx

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English Literature graduate, passionate about all things beauty, skincare and lifestyle!

20 thoughts on “NARS Longwear Natural Radiant Foundation…Is It Worth the Hype?

  1. Another amazing review as always and you look lovely in that picture☺️ Great tip for the foundation matching website, especially during these times when we can’t go into as many makeup counters! 💗

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  2. I love Nars, Audatious Lipstick and Nars Blush are my favorite products. I also love Nars foundations, I´ve tried Sheer Glow Foundation but I´ve never tried the Longwear Natural Radiant Foundation. I must check it up! Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

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