Nip+Fab Purify Skincare Product Review

Hello everyone, how are we all?

Thank you for all the supportive comments on last week’s blog post, it truly means the world – I love the community of bloggers on here!

For this week’s review I am talking about the Salicylic Fix Gel Cleanser and the Salicylic Fix Pads from Nip+Fab’s Purify range. I picked these products up a good while ago now, after having wanted a skincare range that would really help combat my troublesome skin, and maintain it a bit more. I had really high hopes for these two products and sadly I wasn’t quite as impressed as I wanted to be. So let’s see what I thought…

Salicylic Fix Gel Cleanser

From their website they state this product uses, “the powerhouse ingredient salicylic acid to lift away dirt, impurities and excess oil combined with allantoin to provide a moisture barrier and lock in hydration. Leaving you with a bright, clear + refreshed complexion.”


  • This product is packaged in a lovely pink design, which of course I was drawn to
  • You get a good amount of product that lasts you a great length of time, I use mine everyday and I still haven’t finished it!
  • I like the pump handle for at home use, as it is convenient for when washing face in the sink
  • However, the pump handle does not make it easy to travel with, as if you were to press it down to lock it for travel, you would lose some of the product to do so

My thoughts:

  • After using this cleanser for over a month now (I really wanted to allow myself to see any skin improvements), I just sadly haven’t noticed any changes in my skin
  • I still get regular hormonal breakouts so I would need to find another alternative to combat that
  • However, I did like the consistency of this cleanser and it didn’t have a strong scent to it
  • The cleanser lathers up really nicely and doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped after use
  • It removes makeup really well, even water-proof mascara!
  • I think if you suffer more with oily skin, then this cleanser would really work for you!

Salicylic Fix Night Pads

From their website this product is described to be, “formulated to reduce breakouts with potent salicylic acid and a skin protective complex to support the healing process of active breakouts, to speed up recovery time.”


  • I was excited to try this style of skincare in the form of a cleansing pad for my nighttime routine, and they are really convenient to use
  • You get 100 pads in this tub which is a great amount and has lasted me a long time and I still have pads left!
  • The lid screws on securely and keeps the pads moist (sorry! I had to use that word πŸ˜… )

My thoughts:

  • I really liked the way these pads made my skin feel, they moisturised and slightly helped control my breakouts
  • Again, I didn’t notice dramatic changes to my skin to the point where I could stop looking for skincare products that will change the game
  • After use, my skin felt hydrated and left a radiant glow to my skin, which I liked
  • I have read other reviews on this product that it has helped with skin texture in reducing bumps, but sadly I didn’t have the same reaction

Overall, although I know these products are loved by so many, and equally I wanted to love them just as much, I just didn’t get on with them. Therefore, I don’t think I will repurchase these products, as I would rather branch out and try some products from a different brand.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it!

It is really interesting to me that different skincare products work wonders for some people, and not so well for others! Hopefully soon I shall find the cleanser that will solve all of my skin issues. I have been thinking of trying the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser – has anyone else tried that?

I shall see you next week for another blog post,

Lots of love xx

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8 thoughts on “Nip+Fab Purify Skincare Product Review

  1. I used to love nip & fab products, I used to use the glycolic range especially the toner and their pads, however I definitely think there is cheaper options on the market that do the same thing! X

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