My Self-care Routine and Tips!

In relation to Valentines/Galentines day, I wanted to focus on some self-care and tips that I have developed when I am in need of some self love. These habits help me to fuel my days with positivity and motivation, while keeping me from feeling negative or unmotivated. It is so important to take time out sometimes and focus on yourself, as it is too easy to allow yourself to become too consumed by all that is around you, especially social media.

Over the past year or so, I have created this self-care routine and really enjoy it, so as always I wanted to share it with you guys!

Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water or warm lemon water not only makes your glass look more aesthetically pleasing, but lemon is actually packed with nutrients including vitamin C,  B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Drinking lemon water can also be beneficial for skin, as the vitamin C can fight off toxins that cause breakouts. So drink up everyone!

Pamper Session

Of course, this is one of my favourite steps as I love giving myself an at-home pamper treatment. Taking care of your skin, nails, body and hair is an act of self love, which works to boost your mood. If I am wearing makeup, I will reach for my current cleanser followed by an exfoliator. Next, I will run myself a bath or hop in the shower (it depends on my mood), then once I have done that, I usually pop on a pore strip or peel-off mask, followed by my favourite clay mask! Taking care of my skin is crucial to me, as I am prone to breakouts, so just to keep my skin looking and feeling fresh, weekly I usually apply a sheet mask and let it do it’s magic for 15-20 minutes.

In addition to skincare, I love doing my own gel nails using the Mylee gel kit and also applying a little bit of St. Tropez bronzing mist, (which I have written a review on each of these products here on my blog!)

Time Off Devices

As I run an Instagram account, it is important for me to to make sure I take time off it. Going down to sit with family or even if it just my cats and enjoy time without my phone is something I really enjoy doing, and recommend you doing as well!

Fresh Air

Especially whilst we are in lockdown, getting out on a walk can be so mentally and physically refreshing! When I was back in Uni writing numerous essays, I would take a break and go on a walk and I was always so surprised with how refreshed and motivated I felt when I returned to my desk. I am fortunate to live amongst beautiful wildlife and nature that I see whilst on my walks, so that is also one of the reasons to motivate yourself on a walk, to go and appreciate the nature around you!

Comfort Food

I am a food-lover, so of course preparing something comforting and yummy for tea makes myself feel better if I am ever feeling down. One of my comfort foods in the day time is funnily enough toast and marmite and pizza and garlic bread for tea! What’s your comfort food?


I love reading books and it is actually one of my new years resolutions to pick up a book more, especially before bed as I had gotten too used to being on my phone before bed which isn’t the best for helping you to get to sleep. I really enjoy picking up a magazine every month and flicking through all the beautiful photography and editorials. Do you like reading magazines or books?

So there was my self-care routine and a few tips to help motivate you to take more time to take care of yourself. We are all so deserving of self-love and care. I hope you enjoyed this style of blog post, something a little different to my usual product review.

Comment down below what your favourite form of self-care is 💖

See you next Monday for another blog post,

Lots of love, Francesca xx

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  1. I definetly needed this post. Working as a nurse in this pandemic has unfortunately lead to me not taking proper care of myself. Thank you for the wonderful tips and reminders! We all need self-care.

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