CeraVe Foaming Cleanser Review!

Hello everyone, I hope you are keeping well! 😊

This week I’m bringing you a review of the CeraVe Foaming Cleanser (Β£7.12). This brand has been one of the most raved about skincare brands, that has been a saviour for some people’s skincare routines! Admittedly, I was first attracted to trying out CeraVe products because of the hype it was getting over on both, TikTok and Instagram, and I wasn’t disappointed!


  • I love the packaging, it is fun and different to other cleansers that I have purchased.
  • The colours are really sweet, and who doesn’t love an aesthetic cleanser in their bathrooms? (It also makes it easier to take pictures of πŸ˜‰).


  • It is a clear foaming cleanser, which lathers well and doesn’t have a strong scent, which is great for sensitive skin, like mine.
  • Inside the product’s formula, the skin-saving benefits comes down to the ceramides, which are naturally occurring oils found in our skin. When ceramide levels are low, our skin barrier can become weakened, which may lead to dry and itchy skin. In light of this, I do believe this cleanser works wonders for dry and itchy skin (which I get in the winter months), as it helps to keep my skin clean and moisturised, without feeling tight after use.
  • Because of the Niacinamide (which helps to support the skin barrier by improving skin texture), within the product’s formula, I have noticed that redness in my skin was reduced, and my pores were less visible, which I was happy with.
  • This foaming cleanser is great because it doesn’t strip the skin and make it feel tight after use. It is hydrating and makes my skin feel clean.
  • It also lifts my makeup after a long day with ease!
  • Because this cleanser helps to cleanse the skin and remove the impurities, I believe the condition of my skin, with regards to my pores and redness, has improved and I’m already feeling more confident when I’m not wearing any makeup.


  • Always makes my skin feel clean and hydrated, rather than tight and red.
  • You definitely get your money’s worth.
  • Easy to travel with.
  • It is an accessible product, you can find it at Boots, Superdrug or online beauty sellers such as Look Fantastic and more.
  • Makes your skin feel so clean and refreshed.


  • Although this cleanser is great at keeping your skin healthy and clean whilst preventing dry, itchy skin, I will say that for my blemish-prone skin, I haven’t noticed much of a difference with my breakouts, and so I wouldn’t reach for this cleanser when my skin needs some help.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s review!

Comment down below what your current favourite cleanser is!

Join me again next week for another blog post, I’m thinking maybe some hair care before I delve into something a little more different… ☺️

Lots of love, Francesca xx

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English Literature graduate, passionate about all things beauty, skincare and lifestyle!

6 thoughts on “CeraVe Foaming Cleanser Review!

  1. Another really informative review! I love how you explained what everything in the product does, very interesting and glad it’s working for your skin! Excited for the next one πŸ˜†

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