Mylee Black Convex Curing Lamp Kit with Gel Nail Polish Essentials

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and have had a lovely Thursday! Today I am reviewing the Mylee Black Convex Curing Lamp with Gel Nail Polish Essentials, so get yourself comfortable and enjoy!

I ordered this gel nail kit a few months ago, after pondering on ways I could still have pretty nails without having to spend that coin every fortnight. I used to love getting my nails done, but disliked the possible long queues to get them done and often the price of those aesthetically pleasing nails. So I decided, why not get my own gel lamp and nail colours and give it a go? After doing my research, I came across Mylee and had to try! An additional note was that the delivery was pretty quick, which I was most happy about!

Included in the price of Β£90 (although I understand that Mylee offer promotions on their websites at times), you receive:

  • Mylee Salon Series PRO LED lamp
  • 4 MyGel beginning gel colours: 10 ml (Pastel Chic, Soft Touch, Requiem for a Pink, Diva)
  • MyGel Top coat: 10ml
  • MyGel Base coat: 10ml
  • Mylee Prep & Polish wipe: 250ml
  • Mylee Gel remover: 250ml
  • Mylee Lint-free wipes: Pack of 100

So as you can imagine, I was really impressed with the price and what is included, as it is a trusted and professional beauty brand. I did my research beforehand, and the reviews on their website alone but also Amazon were very convincing and had me sold!

Colour painted on my nails is, MyGel: Tainted Love


The gel lamp and the essentials kit all come in their own box, which is convenient for storage, as that way everything can be kept separate and organised.

The Black Convex Curing Lamp is sleek, and a small/medium size, so it is a great, portable size and not heavy either!

The packaging of everything is durable, and everything is clearly labelled, so you easily know which product is which and what it offers. Additionally, you get a great amount of product, especially the bottles of Prep + Polish and the Gel remover, which I feel won’t needing replacing for a good while yet!

Easy to use?

I was a beginner to applying gel nails when I first purchased this, and with the instruction guide provided within the kit, I found it so easy to use and easily created gorgeous nails! It also dries fast – which is great and smudge-proof for rookies like me! 😝


  • Gel colours are vivid, with only a couple of strokes of polish needed!
  • Smooth to apply – the brush of the gel product allows you to guide the colour onto your nail. I find it is hard to go wrong as the brush almost fits my nail evenly, so it doesn’t take long to get a lovely even coat.
  • Affordable gel nail colours (I often buy colours off amazon too, as I am a prime member – priced at 6.99 each)
  • Usually takes me two coats to achieve the desired look, allowing me to have fun doing my nails without it taking too long to complete.


  • Easy to use.
  • Great amount of product, which will last.
  • The gel colour dries fast thanks to the LED lamp.
  • Worth the investment, as I can do my nails from the comfort of my own home now.
  • Mylee has plenty of other nail kits, colours and tools to offer if you didn’t need the full starter kit.
  • A great kit to start off with and I really enjoy taking the time to pamper myself with a new set of gels!
  • I will never have to sit in the nail shop for hours again!
  • Polish lasts a good two weeks or more.
  • I understand that ASOS also stock Mylee now!


  • The only negative I would comment is that due to Mylee being an online company, it can sometimes be difficult to get an accurate colour reference.

A big thank you for joining me again, I would love to know what you thought about this week’s post down below. I have a few more beauty review blog posts coming your way, to share some of my favourites to use around the festive season as we approach Christmas!

Lots of love, Francesca xx

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