Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

Hello again! Thanks for joining me for another blog post. For this week, in light of the current pandemic and increased use of mask wearing, I thought I would share with you a review of one of my favourite foundations, which I have found to have had a lasting effect on my skin, despite the application and removal of my mask!

Let’s delve into Revlon’s Colorstay foundation, which retails for £12.99 and is an effortless foundation.

For me when I am running late, a little bit of foundation on those blemish areas and some mascara and I am good to go, so it has always been important to me that I find one of my go-to’s.

Revlon’s Colorstay is available in two formulas, which target different skin types: Oily/Combination and Normal/Dry skin – which is the one I use! Both Foundations are oil-free and contain SPF 20 and Salicylic Acid, which is amazing to help control blemish-prone skin! What attracted me to this foundation was that it promised 24-hour wear and a buildable coverage, which I have trialled and tested. I have previously tried other foundations and feel as though the foundation has not lasted or has easily worn off, due to my oily t-zone. However, colorstay lasts and gives an all day coverage – even with wearing a mask.

Depending on what time of year we are in or whether I have used fake tan or not, I mix between two shades just to get the perfect match for my skin tone. The two shades I use are: 150, Buff Chamois and 180, Sand Beige.


  • A round glass bottle, with a pump – which enables easier application.
  • Simplistic and sleek packaging.
  • Travel friendly bottle size (30 ml)
  • Easy to read foundation description and what it promises.

Coverage/ application:

  • Revlon promises that this foundation lasts 24 hours, which I am a true believer in that it does last a long time!
  • It is a weightless foundation, that is smell-less and applies onto the face, creating a flawless natural finish.
  • Even with the current circumstances right now, I believe this foundation does not wipe away from wearing a mask.
  • Revlon’s silky foundation is medium to high coverage, so it is definitely buildable however, it does not appear cake-y or heavy.
  • It is easy to blend and does not oxidise.
  • This foundation has been a staple in my makeup bag for a while now because it feels weightless on the skin and encourages a glowing complexion, which who doesn’t love, especially in these colder months!
  • I prefer to bounce in this foundation with a beauty sponge, as it allows a more even coverage and helps it to look a lot more natural than if you were to pack it on with a brush – of course either way looks amazing, but for my skin I prefer to use a sponge.
Before foundation
After foundation


  • Affordable price of £12.99
  • Contains SPF
  • Contains Salicylic Acid (which helps to reduce redness and the appearance of blemishes)
  • A 35 shade range
  • A great and light coverage, perfect for every day but also buildable for those nights on the town!


  • Sometimes it can be time consuming to have to mix foundation shades, and it would be a lot more convenient to just use the foundation from a singular bottle.
  • Compared to other foundations such as, Fenty Beauty by Rhianna, who offers a shade range of 50, Revlon’s shade range is limited.

Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog post, I hope you have enjoyed and it has offered you a real perspective of this foundation and its longevity. Why not try it yourself and share your thoughts?

Next week, I will be delivering a blog post on something I have always been questioned about, so I am excited to share it with you! You can also find me on Instagram (@frans.finds) where I post updates but also a space where we can connect and have more of a chat!

Lots of love, Francesca xx

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